Hello everyone!

Obviously, this doesn't come as a surprise to some people. We had an amazing start but due to poor decisions made by the management during this "peak time", such as tax, weapon licenses and more we noticed a fair decrease in players over the past few weeks, all with good reason.

General inexperience and overthinking were part of the problem and even though nearly 99% of our structures were added as a deterrent to other issues (deathmatch, wealth, etc), they were not received properly. Early on, we shrugged off the feedback on those systems as we thought it would be better in the long run but eventually it took a toll and caused our players to leave overnight.

Not to fret, though, we had an amazing time despite it being brief and I hope everyone, including those who aren't in positive relations with us, enjoyed it as much as we did. It has been a learning experience for us all and we hope to impress the SA-MP community with more, impressive and innovative projects in the future.

We would like to thank everyone who helped make this possible, and everyone who enjoyed our project. We will be back in the future but hopefully with a more stable script, a new mindset, more realism (specifically more historically accurate rules and content) and hopefully a whole new bundle of motivation. We will be working on other projects, but that doesn't mean we forget about this project.

That being said, it may be a while before we revive it. We all want to take a break from the stress and effort it took trying to revive it but it is obviously in our best interest to end it here, and memorize the good run we had in the early four weeks. We won't be disclosing any information on our future plans so far but we would like for you guys to keep in touch! After we all, for the time being we did have a stable community where everyone was cool with each other. It'd be a shame to let it go to waste.

Thanks again everyone, and hopefully until the future.

WW-RP Management Team
David, Reyo and Dignity.
Server Statistics

Peak Players - Over the course of launch, our highest player peak was 74 players on the 13th of August at 21:24 PM GMT +1.

Master Accounts - A total of 4,646 master accounts have been registered since launch.

Characters - A total of 3,482 characters have been made since launch.

Attachments - A total of 15,795 attachments have been saved.

Player Skills - A total of 3,118 skills have been invested. That makes around ~10,000 skill points being spent!

Sessions - A total of ~74,500 registered sessions have been stored in the database.

Dropped Items - A total of 6,825 items were dropped in total.

Admin Records - A total of 623 admin records were logged since launch.

Player Logs - A total of 379,504 messages/warnings were logged since launch.

Player Statistics

Christopher Paul - Richest player in the server, with a total of $456,815 stored in one of his businesses (excluding total wealth).

Jimmy Kendrick (Waka) - Richest player with money on hand: having a total of $244,330 in his hand.

Mark Mungos - Richest player with money in bank: having a total of $135,850 in his bank.

Buckminster Pirkle - Poorest player with money in bank: having a total of $-51,118 in his bank.

Honorable Mentions

JamalColorado - being involved in the project since day one, never leaving or being inactive, always being a positive influence, and being there for when we needed support.

Mark - Being a great source of positive energy, a lot of help, and a lot of activity even during the slump which led to this.

Waka - Being a great manager and a friend to talk to. Always coming up with solutions and helping Dignity deal with the stress when the server peaked.

Eysid - for giving Dignity the idea and the drive and motivation to start this project

rdx - for the entire starting framework of the old script and his old position as a Lead Developer

Justice96 - for numerous of big contributions and his old position as a Technical Engineer

HydroPlay - creating a promotion video for the server which allowed for a big influx of new people into the server

SergeantRick - For being SergeantRick. Always been a positive influence and being a core member of the team. One of the reasons the server lasted this long.

For a full list of pictures, showcasing our brief journey, head to the media section. Warning, these are large, and may take a bit to load. It's about 80MB in pictures.

Below, you can ALSO find some videos our players made.

Direct links:
Setting in the Wild West by Hydroplay
WWRP Random Moments by Reyo
Exploring the Wild West by Hydroplay
Adventures in the Wild West by Hydroplay
Sunt in Vestul Salbatic (Romanian) by DenisLOW